Electrosmog Killer – Our Sigma Shakti Ohm System Neutralises Unnatural Electromagnetic Fields.

We currently live surrounded by electrosmog (unnatural wave and frequency emission) radio, radar, antennas, 5G, WLAN, mobile phones, computers and household appliances.All this electrosmog produces radiation that restricts and pollutes our energetic biochemical system.Our Sigma Shakti Ohm system neutralises unnatural electromagnetic fields, through the absorption of the earth and protects us from damage and symptoms of all kinds that make us sick.

Inspired by the sun, our Sigma Shakti Ohm system, with a diameter of 18 centimetres, absorbs electromagnetic waves vertically. Likewise, the lower part of the copper base, 9 centimetres in diameter, absorbs waves horizontally. Parallel to these two energies of creation, in conjunction with the energy of the earth, the Sigma Shakti Ohm system absorbs a 360-degree circumference, allowing us to be in a radiation-free environment.

Thanks to its simple installation and size, you can install the system quickly and easily. All you need to do is plug a USB cable into your computer or monitor and plug the ground cable into a power outlet. With this action, you can work in your office or home in an environment free of electromagnetic radiation.

On an etheric and spiritual level, our system has been looked at, tested and felt by highly sensitive people, who have called it an «electrosmog killer».

The price of our system is CHF 180.–

Made from the highest quality materials and produced in Switzerland. People’s individual needs are important to us and depending on your financial situation, we are open to you paying as much as you can, in line with our Pulsar Terra philosophy.

If you want to buy Sigma Shakti Ohm, contact us by e-mail. Payment in advance, by arrangement.

e-Mail: Pulsar-Terra@protonmail.com